How to Get the Best Marketing ROI for a Blockchain Project?

Get the Best Marketing ROI for a Blockchain
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Blockchain marketing is one of the most popular services all over the internet since some crypto management and investment companies are looking forward to getting a blockchain marketing service. However, choosing the best blockchain marketing services for the best price can be a real challenge since many blockchain marketing agencies exist.

To know which blockchain marketing agency could provide better deals at the best price, there are certain clues to look into before engaging with a blockchain service provider. Some companies, like Blockchain Marketing Ninja, provide many services on their website, which the clients can choose as per their needs. They have all kinds of plans, including recruiting candidates for a crypto job, increasing the company’s exposure, turning website traffic into website revenue, maintaining SEO, securing transactions, keeping track of all transactions made by the company so far, and so on.

Shop Around

The first and foremost step while looking for blockchain marketing services is to know the market price. The client should research various blockchain marketing companies’ websites to learn more about their services, prices, and terms and conditions. Do not hesitate to contact multiple marketing agencies and inquire about their services and prices. By getting quotes from several companies, the client can easily compare them and know which one best suits their company’s necessities.

Usually, there will be several services, like NFT marketing, ICO marketing, crypto marketing, IEO marketing, etc. By looking at the quotes, the client can easily add or drop the services at their convenience. Some of the best blockchain marketing agencies provide services under a package or plan for which the client will have to pay only once. If they offer services under such categories, they can also provide discounts or offers, leading to the next step, negotiation.


The second step in getting the best price is negotiating. Once the quotes are gone through, finalize some of the lowest quotes among the masses and try to negotiate with those blockchain marketing agencies. The client must try to convince them to provide services for a lower price and even ask them for discounts or offers, if any. If they are unwilling to reduce their prices, the client can also put forward a statement that the agency would provide some discounts or offers if they asked for several services combined into a package or plan.

Most agencies would agree because it would mutually benefit the client and the blockchain marketing company. Sometimes, the client could avoid paying extra for services that are not needed and pay for some of the services exclusively.

Consider Value

Even though the prices offered by some blockchain marketing companies would be rather low compared to those of others, it is also important to look into the quality of the work these agencies provide. The quality can be easily evaluated by examining the previous projects done by the agency and even by contacting some of their previous clients to know whether the services offered by this particular company were satisfying enough.

By doing so, the client can know what to expect while working with the company and gain trust in that company. After knowing the value of the services offered, it would be easier for the client to shortlist and select a blockchain marketing agency with whom they want to work.

Look For Discounts

As discussed earlier in the negotiation, looking for discounts can also help the crypto-managing company save a lot of money on services such as those offered by blockchain marketing agencies. Such agencies also offer discounts for long-term customers or customers willing to work with them for a long time. The client should inquire about such discounts and offers and if it is available. Even if the blockchain marketing agency doesn’t usually provide such services, the client can negotiate with them to see if they would be open to providing such discounts (under the “long-term customers” category).

Best Marketing Price for Blockchain Project

Set Clear Goals

Setting clear goals is the final step in getting the best price for a blockchain marketing service. The client must put forth their needs and what they expect from the blockchain marketing agency. They should talk to the blockchain marketing agency about the services they require and why they are so important. By setting clear goals, the client can avoid paying for unnecessary services and stick to paying for only the services offered. Some examples of setting clear goals are discussed below.

  • ICO Marketing

An ICO marketing service would be apt for a crypto business looking to maximize its exposure. By implementing this service, the business can capture the attention of potential investors with the best ICO marketing strategy. This service increases the reach of the business and helps it gain engagement.

  • Crypto Marketing

A crypto marketing service would be needed for a client whose business requires promoting its crypto products and services online. Such services are focused on implementing certain strategies that are secure and fail-proof. By having a professional to help with this, the company can get great market support and improve its business.

  • NFT Marketing

The NFT marketing service is focused on attracting NFT collectors to invest or buy products from the client. This service increases advertising for the client’s business online on social media, PR channels, and influencers, and even by enhancing search engine results.

  • Fintech Marketing

The Fintech Marketing Service is designed for clients whose businesses depend heavily on their Fintech projects. This service can help the client increase project demand, client retention, and website revenue. Some strategies handled by professional blockchain marketing agencies can make the brand of the client’s business a success and help them reach their target audience with their digital campaigns.

  • IEO Marketing

IEO marketing can be used as an overall blockchain marketing strategy for businesses. This can be mainly implemented by cryptocurrency investment businesses that are just in their starting phases. This type of marketing can take care of launching, listing, and promoting the business’s products. This can also help the client’s business gain more exposure and the attention of investors.


Getting the best price for blockchain marketing services may not be easier for the client. But, if clients implement a plan and proceed with the correct method, they can easily save a lot of revenue from getting wasted on these services. These blockchain marketing companies can help startups gain recognition and trust among mass investors. In contrast, companies already on the fast track can help with new projects and maintain the existing ones without hassle. Blockchain marketing companies like Blockchain Marketing Ninja can help their clients set clear goals for their products and services and choose the ones that will satisfy the exact needs of their businesses.